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We've partnered up with one of the most sustainable screen printers in North America to create a whole new way of doing business. 

For the first time ever, you can now domestically source full end to end sustainable solutions for your screen printing needs.

US Vs Them:

  • We use the lowest available toxicity water based inks vs the industry standard of plastisol inks (plastisols are petroleum based and toxic to the environment as well as biodegradable)
  • We have a minimal to zero solvent process vs industry standards of formaldehyde (which is carcinogenic and can be toxic to customers as well as workers)
  • All water is cleaned in a triple water filtration system before entering the ecosystem
  • Union certified meaning workers have the option to be Union members, providing higher wages, rights and resources.  The Union also offers access to free college education for its members. 
  • In process of attaining certifications for environmentally safe printing. 

For enquiries on screenprinted products, please email